Ganga Giri

Ganga Giri mixes red natural elements with fat tribal beats and dirty funky bass lines to create a unique tribal-technological deep earth dance experience. Explosive and pulsating, at times ambient and flowing, the music is a pumping percussive multi-layered experience of complex grooves and raw, deep natural sound. Ganga himself is a rhythmic didjeridu virtuoso and percussionist - an inspired music creator who’s passion brings people together in celebration of nowness in newness, a modern day corroboree for all!

Ganga Giri’s full show blends an array of tribal percussion that includes Ganga’s uniquely percussive style didj playing, congas, djembe, bougarabou, Nigerian talking drum, mbira and more - add to this a drizzling of authentic indigenous moves with aboriginal dancers and hold on tight as Ganga Giri sends audiences through the roof.


Rusty, rowdy and romantic, Rapskallion weave tales of the open road, into poetic dance shanties... invoking scenes reminiscent of 20’s Paris bohemia transported to a Romanian tavern and cast adrift on the high seas, the ‘skallions defy explanation with a glint in their eye, and a dagger in their teeth. Add a pinch of hip hop, vaudevillian sensibilities, a curly moustache and a startling array of hats. Rapskallion will inspire, with their mix of quirky lyricism and accordion driven dance tunes.


Ladies and Gentlemen! Roll up roll up!!…Roll up your sleeves, your burittos, your curlers, or perhaps just roll up in a limousine if that’s your style, no? Prepare to be scintillated, captivated, Inspired and fascinated By passionate and dedicated performing artists from Eccentrix.

Eccentrix represents a melting pot of creative ideas, talented and passionate performing arts practitioners, and the production resources to turn inspiration into reality!

With a focus on distinctive and highly polished entertainment for corporate events, film and television, festivals, social occasions and weddings, we perpetually delight with a stunning and memorable sensory experience.

Wendy Rule

Every so often Melbourne throws up a singular talent, someone previously hidden amongst the well-established musical tribes, someone possessed of a unique vision. Wendy Rule, the vocalist, songwriter and visionary, is such and artist. With the release of her fifth full length album, The Wolf Sky, Wendy Rule has firmly established herself as one of Australia’s most uniquely gifted and prolific artists. Her music is a passionate union of her incredible voice – moving from soaring heights to intimate whispers – and her beautifully dark and visionary lyrics. Wendy’s live performances draw on her love of ritual and theatre, enticing her audience into an otherworldy realm of power and Magic. After years of local shows and national tours, Wendy’s music is now being recognised internationally, including tours of the USA, UK and Europe.


Clasically trained in India in the sacred temple dance of Odissi artform, mixed with a fusion of bellydance and burlesque to lend a exotic flavour to your events.

Sheekha has performed in numerous festivals around Australia and the world. ‘I wake up everyday conscious to keep staying conscious. I wake up everyday and keep reminding myself to keep waking up. To keep growing. To keep feeling feel things I’ve never felt before.To keep finding balance. To keep finding the earth beneath me feet. To bring healing of the human spirit, mine and yours, through movement in the body and soul.

I continue to use dance to explore the hidden within myself, to dismantle boundaries in the mind by accessing the body. To allow the body to rest when the time for rest comes.’ ‘My dream always, is to live abundantly in Spirit, on the land, sharing an open heart, where people come together to celebrate the pulse that vibrates through each and everyone one of us.’

Blue Turban Percussion

A visual and aural delight of drumming, fire and dance, creating an infectious atmosphere of celebration.

Formed by Melbourne percussionist Brendan Houldcroft, Blue Turban Percussion is an ensemble of professional performers sharing a love and respect for the enlivening energy of West African rhythm and dance.

Blue Turban Percussion has impressed audiences with the generosity and passion of their performance at various clubs, festivals, council events, private celebrations, corporate functions, community events, Barmitzvahs and Weddings.

At the core of Blue Turban Percussion are African and Australian percussionists, including well-respected Gambian master drummer King Marong, West African dancers and fire performers.

Blue Turban Percussion also draws from a pool of Melbourne’s most accomplished musicians, including King Bell (Soukas Baconga), Lamin Sonka (Asiko), as well as violinists, guitarists and didgeridoo players.

Lord Lingham

Born in Calcutta, India, and raised in South-East Asia and Africa, Lord Lingham has been a globe-trotter since childhood, having travelled through distant lands before anchoring in Melbourne via Thailand. His nomadic experiences since childhood can be heard in his DJ sets as he takes you on a journey through the magical world of uplifting global electronica and international booty beats.

Lord Lingham’s selections incorporate a range of styles from Indian breakbeats to Middle-Eastern trance, and from urban Gypsy to Latin electro, revealing the exciting blend of ethnic melodies with post-modern beats and electronics. He currently hosts the Global Urban Show on PBS 106.7 FM.


Womanjah is a multicultural dance troupe. The dancers, although originally trained in Middle Eastern dance, now express their love of diverse cultures and music with an assorted range of exciting and exotic performances. Their creative costumes are impressive and the dancers always enjoy showing their talents with veils, zills, poi, swords, sticks, drums and many more surprises.

Through influences as far ranging as Bollywood, the culture of the Pacific Islands, and even martial arts occasionally find their way into performances, the enticing rhythms and varied cultures of the Middle East and North Africa are the main influences on the ensemble’s truly engaging and unique dance style.

For information or bookings contact - or call
Kelly 0414 973 512 or Heather 0418 263 264


RUCCIS has evolved out of grassroots circus communities in the outer eastern and northern suburbs. RUCCIS programs offer a diverse range of circus skills including Acrobalance, Tumbling and Mini-Tramp, Hoop, Diablo, Devil Sticks, Juggling, Staff and Poi Twirling, Plate Spinning, Cloudswing, Trapeze, Tissue, Spanish Web and Rope, Stilt Walking, Unicycle, Pedal-Go and Rolla Bolla, Clowning, Magic, Performance Skills and Characteristation.

RUCCIS students perform at festivals and community events, showcasing their skills as roving characters and stage performers. We also run workshops and host busking pitches. So we invite you to join us....come and help us make a RUCCIS!
0433 037 085