Festivals 2019

Dragon Dreaming ~ http://www.ecoss.org.au/spring-festival-2018/


Dragon Dreaming - Cancelled

Dragon Dreaming Festival celebrates art, music, nature, and the freedom of self-expression in a safe, family friendly gathering not far from Canberra, Australia.

Our philosophy is one of nurturing Australia's alternate culture and we strongly encourage participation by all who attend. We believe that some of the best music, art and ideas in the world are found right here in our backyard.

Since 2008 we have been working hard to encourage the creative side of our friends, neighbours and the whole community by providing an avenue for everyone to exhibit their art, music or performance offerings in a professionally managed environment, with the opportunity of reaching a wide and varied audience.

Dragon Dreaming Festival runs four stages in alignment with the four elements every year: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. These four core elements make up the building blocks of life itself and have been honoured throughout the ages across the globe, with the fifth element that of spirit and love being held within the hearts of each and every person. As each stage embodies the elemental reflection, we are reminded of how that aspect works within our lives and what they have to teach us about ourselves and our journey to greater happiness and fulfilment.

Dragon Dreaming ~ www.dragondreaming.com.au

Festivals 2020

We are currently a feature at the following festivals, markets and venues


Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent Festival is one of Australia's premier outdoor alternative lifestyle, music and arts festivals. Promoting a strong ethos of unity, the festival – whose name is derived from the Dreamtime story of the Rainbow Serpent, is about connecting people from all walks of life throughout the world. At Rainbow you'll find people from all communities and demographics, joined together by a shared desire to celebrate life and to learn and experience new things.

Running for four days over Australia Day weekend in January each year, Rainbow attracts over 10,000 people from all over Australia and the world with it's unique blend of music, workshops, activities, performance art, market stalls and mouth-watering food on offer.

Rainbow Serpent ~ www.rainbowserpent.net



WOMAD is the World of Music, Arts & Dance. WOMADelaide began in 1992 and has gone on to become one of Australia's favourite festivals; the 2010 festival attracted 81,500 attendances over four days (not including children 12 and under, who are admitted free).

The program features performances and workshops on seven stages by the world's best musicians, dancers and DJs, alongside street theatre artists and visual artists, the popular Taste the World cooking program, Artists in Conversations sessions and an All-Star Gala finale, plus around 100 food, crafts and display stalls and a KidZone.

Womadelaide ~ www.womadelaide.com.au



Explore wellbeing ways - drumming, dancing, storytelling and friendly chats at firecircles. Make links with others. Relax among new friends. Share healing ways in hundreds of workshops and mini-conferences. Have an outdoor massage (over 30 tables). Go into the steam lodge. Have a swim.
Slow down in a safe friendly environment. Dance the nights away with thousands under the Southern Stars.

ConFest (Conference/Festival) is a gathering of people wishing to share talents, skills, ideas, concerns and philosophies in a caring fun loving and tolerant atmosphere. The presentation of workshops, demonstrations, entertainments and the maintenance of site facilities are all performed by volunteers, monetary payment is neither accepted nor made.

Confest ~ www.dte.org.au

Past Events


The Woodford Folk Festival, an event of international standing, is held annually over 6 days. The festival programme includes concerts, dances, street theatre, writers panels, film, comedy, acoustic jams, social dialogue and debate, folk medicine, art and craft workshops , circus performances parades and late night cabarets.


Earthdance is the world's largest synchronized music and dance festival for peace. Since its inception, Earthdance has been held on over 500 locations in 80 countries with all events simultaneously joining together in the Prayer for Peace - a powerful moment of coherent intention. Each public earthdance event gives 50% of their profits to a charity that falls into one of the following categories:
-The Welfare of Children & Urban ...Youth
-Indigenous Peoples & Cultures
-International Relief and Development
-Environmental Sustainability & Protection
-Organizations that help Promote Peace
Earthdance occurs annually every September in recognition of the United Nations International Day of Peace with the intention to build a Culture of Peace.


In 2010, after 5 beautiful years of shared collective journeying, Maya Festival is taking a year off to go within and re-energise. 

Maya Festival represents the ‘unity in diversity’. It attracts a colourful and vibrant audience who’s openness to various styles of music and art-forms has allowed the festival to grow into something very special. Maya Festival also attracts cutting edge bands and dj’s, a colourful array of performers and dancers and continues to evolve each year, surpassing expectations.

Situated in the lush surrounds of the inner city oasis CERES, Maya Festival features 3 stages of music, a ‘global village’ with wellbeing and workshop areas, world class visual art and decor, kids area, dancers, roving performers, plus a wide selection of food and market stalls.

The intention of Maya Festival is to create a space of openness, inspiration & celebration.

Mayafestival ~ mayafestival@gmail.com

Meredith Music Festival

The Meredith Music Festival started in 1991 as a party for about 200 people. For context, back then Bob Hawke was PM, Two dollar notes were in circulation, THe VFL had just become the AFL, Nirvana released Nevermind, and the World Wide Web was for scientists.

RAW Family Event

RAW (Respect All Wildlife) 2012 highlights the local community’s commitment to the environment, conservation and animal rights. Through thinking globally and acting locally RAW will provide support for critical conservation issues and actively contribute to biodiversity conservation locally. The RAW team has a strong conection and passion for music and the arts using this medium as a fundraising tool hosting live music festivals and other fundraising events.

RAW ~ http://www.raw.org.au

Seven Sisters Festival

The Seven Sisters Festival is an intimate weekend festival allowing women time and space to gather together to learn, heal and celebrate our feminine Nature.

It’s an opportunity for us to connect with other women, the earth and ourselves. A time to celebrate and explore the cycles, rhythms and stages of being a woman; a time to learn from elders and prominent female leaders in ancient and modern practices which promote embodiment, wellness and empowerment.

Seven Sisters ~ www.sevensistersfestival.com

Shine On

A festival of music, arts, camping, dancing and more. A selection of sounds and culture from across the globe and across the country join together in the Australian countryside to celebrate the onset of summer!

Strawberry Fields ~ http://www.shineonfestival.com.au/


Earthcore ~ www.eartncore.com.au

Strawberry Fields

The smiles, the sunburn, the sounds, the sky and the clouds. The strangers, the friends, and the foreigners. The driving, the dancing, the laughing, and the falling over in the dark. The campsite envy, the forgetting of socks, the lack of ice and surplus of dirt. These are the things which will define the greatest weekend of your life. There will be no rules, save that you respect one another, the land and yourself. There will be no walls, only patchwork fences that do little to shut out the beauty of the surrounding Australian bush. For three days you will live with thousands of strangers, encountering the limits of human sight and sound and surpassing them, making new friends and experiencing all that life has to offer.

Welcome to paradise. Welcome to the wild world of Strawberry Fields.

Strawberry Fields ~ www.strawberry-fields.com.au

Splendour in the Grass

Splendour in the Grass is an annual Australian music festival spanning three days. Splendour in the Grass is generally considered to be the country's largest winter music festival. Don’t miss the huge line up!

Transforming Belongil Fields into a sprawling creative canvas the 2013 Splendour Arts Program promises visual trickery, memorable moments and interactive experiences at the most unexpected turns.

Splendour in the Grass ~ www.splendourinthegrass.com

Kindred Spirit Festival

KSF 2013 features over 150 musicians, performers, presenters, dancers, yogis, chanters and healers on 12 stages and studios over two days at the Kindred Spirit Festival site in Yarraville..

Kindred Spirit Festival ~ www.kindredspiritfest.com/

ECOSS Spring Fair

Wake up and Bloom for Spring. This year’s abundant festivities include ‘The Great Ecological Race’- wheelbarrow race between Middle years kids and their parents, MC’d by the Fabulous and Fantastic Will Tait. Welcome to Country with Aunty Kim Wandin- (Wandoon), local Wurundjeri Elder. Multicultural performances from Chin Community Dancers, Aztec Dance, Sarita McHarg- World Reknown Sitar Player and Singer, Zaar Belly Dance, Tomi Muramatsu, Gustavo’s Drummers, Tuvaluan Dancers, MOOP Officers: Will Tait and Brendan Jones, Black Bug City, Stage MC’d by the charismatic and talented Simon Oats.

Folk Rhythm and Life

A truly amazing natural amphitheatre - home of the Festival of Folk Rhythm and Life.

The Reedy creek rings the stage and property. The Chiltern Mt Pilot National park extends for miles in all directions except towards nearby Eldorado. Beauty abounds....

Folk Rhythm and Life ~ www.bilyana.com

Lost Paradise

One part boutique festival, one part doof, one huge party. A mind blowing four day and night celebration of life , love and fun Feed your soul with music, art, revelry, connection and discovery

Lost Paradise ~ www.lostparadise.com.au


Babylon is an enchanting music and lifestyle camping festival that will be set deep in the heart of the Australian wilderness; taking place across three days. Featuring an inspired curation of local and international live and electronic music artists, alongside a unique world of art, mindfulness and community exploration.

Babylon wants to engage a gathering of music lovers to experience a world-class event with passionate local and international artists, spectacular production and crystal clear sound.

Babylon revellers are to be free of everyday pressure, judgement and limitations, surrounded by friends and likeminded futurists, artists and performers. Coming together in the beautiful surrounds of the Australian countryside with soft earth under foot and constellations overhead.

Revellers are to be kind, caring and respectful of their fellow festival goers and of the environment; most importantly, they should be always looking out for their friends. Leave any attitude behind. Come dance under the stars and escape reality for a short while…

Babylon ~ www.babylon.net.au